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  • Do you take insurance?
    I do not currently take insurance. If you would like to submit your visit to your insurance company for partial reimbursement, I am happy to provide a superbill for you. It is the patient's responsibility to know their benefits. However, you may use your HSA or FSA to pay for visits. One of the reasons I do not take insurance is becaue I believe in preventative care, which is not covered by traditional insurance. Working with me will allow you to seek treatment to decrease risk of injury, prep for birth, get a baseline and track progress, without the limitations of insurance.
  • Do you take patients with Medicare or Medicaid?
    I do not currently take insurance, so I cannot treat patients with Medicare or Medicaid. If you are interested in personal training or coaching services I can help you. please visit my coaching website or click the "private coaching" tab for more info.
  • Do I need a referral to see you?
    You do not need a physician referral to see me, Oregon is a direct access state. However, there are some conditions where you will need to be cleared by your medical provider prior to treatment. Please let me know about your referral or script if you have one.
  • What should I expect during my first visit?
    I will arrive at your house and bring a portable exam table. A first visit typically includes discussion of patient's medical history, current injury or what I am treating you for, then a full body functional movement exam, strength and range of motion testing, and other special tests as approriate. Sometimes a pelvic floor exam is necessary for assessment if you are being seen for a pelvic health issue. I usually examine externally on your first visit and only with patient consent. An internal exam is helpful to gather more accurate information, and will only be performed if and when the patient is comfortable. Once the exam is finished, we will discuss findings and come up with a plan of care. I typically give exercises to perform between visits.
  • What should I wear during my appointment?
    Please wear comfortable clothing you can move around in. If you are being treated for a lower extremity injury please wear shorts. *If you are not vaccinated against Covid-19 please wear a mask.
  • Can you refer me to other disciplines if I need it?
    Yes! I believe in interdisciplinary care and love working with other practitioners.
  • What if we’re not a good fit?
    Bend is an extraordinarily collaborative community and I can help you find the care that you need by referring you to another provider that might be a better fit.
  • Are you vaccinated against Covid-19?

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